Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night time roof top strobist with Yani

If there is one thing I am not good at in photography, that is Fashion and Glam. I not good in directing model to pose for me. I don't why its a challenge for me to have the model pose for me when its easy for me to direct couples in doing Pre-nuptial AVP's and SDE videos. I guess I am not used to tell models what to do since that I am more of the "Capture the moment" kind of guy but I also wanted to hone my skills in this type photography. Yani, My Girl, is a model (Those who wanted to get her to pose for you please contact me LOL!). She did ramp modeling, almost an add model and she models for photographers as well. Many photographers likes to take her photos because she has expressive eyes. I do agree on that. 

One evening, while we are at home, we decided to go up and capture the stars and whatever we can see at the rooftop. ( check my post in HERE, and Yani's Photoblog about it HERE). After taking couple of shots I decided to play around with my friends Nissin Flash gun that i borrowed prior to that shoot. I asked My girl to do couple of pose for me (even though she is sick) and took some shots. Here are Her photos. Enjoy!

This is my favorite so far. LOL

unfortunately, because its dark upstairs, I wasnt able to check the charpness of the photo. And when I thought I had a good shot.

I hope one day i'll good in directing my model to do poses for me :)


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