Saturday, February 4, 2012

Color Exclusion Photoshop

"Takaktak" Cigarette street vendor

Color Exclusion is one of the most basic photo altering a photographer can do. IT's when when you exclude one of your subject and make them stand out by making color changes either with your subject or the background. I've sea
rched how to do it on you tube and how I did it is quite different from how others do it. Quiet frankly how I do it is not the correct way of doing it. I do some layering on Photoshop, then I colored the 1st layer with black and I erase the portion where I want the color to be left. That's it!  haha! lame it sound but that's how I did it with this 3 Color exclusion photo's although Yani has a better way of doing it ( I hope she reads this a makes a blog about it :D ) and easier I may say :)


Eastwood Gig by Franco

From Manila Photowalk

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