Saturday, February 11, 2012

Macau - Zhuhai, China Street Shoot

December 2010 when I went to Macau. Macau was a Portuguese colony in 1887, and is both the first and last European colony in China.Portuguese traders first settled in Macau in the 16th century and subsequently administered the region until the handover in December 20 1999*.  A lot of OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) works in this country since that the its near the Philippines. On their days off, They can easily fly back in the Philippines via 3-Hour flight. After staying for several days, I went to cross the border of Macau to China. The city ZHUHAI! Its called the romantic city of china. Its also one of the business district of China. Traveling in 2 different countries gave me the opportunity to do street shoot. Here are some of my shots while traveling.

*Information was from Wikipedia - Macau

Street Food Vendor in Macau. I think he is cooking Pancakes

"Kuya" Alvin walking in the streets of Macau while looking for a place to eat

A lady in the Bike in the streets of Zhuhai, China
Street Direction Board in Macau with the Portuguese translation

Macau Bus stop

In front of one of the Hotels in Macau

Lady walking her Dog at Macau
Lady walking in the streets of Macau

Couple riding a bike in the Bike park in Zhuhai, China

Fish Fillet in Mcdonalds China

Italy inspired part of Macau
Guys sleeping the in under pass of Zhuhai, China

There is a quite a number of people in China streets that sits in the street with those Characters written on floor.A friend translated it for me and it says "during the difficulty and it's a long story, Please give RMB 6 for meal and fare. thanks.". RMB is the currency in China

A lady trying to cross the street while ridding her bike

Cute Little puppy in one of the stores in China. Don't know what is the breed of the Dog though.

This is quite interesting. The guy was kinda angry and yelling at the phone. I took the shot the moment that he truned his back at me.

one of the Ad boards in Macau
A lot of people in China are still using Bikes or motorcycle as their mode of transportation

And since a lot of people are still using bikes as their mode of transportation, a Local "on-site" bike mechanic was trying to fix this bike.I tried to talk to them but unfortunately they don't speak english

2 guys walking in the streets

While walking in the sidewalk of China, I saw this on the characters written on the concrete bench. Don't remember exactly what it says but I think it's something like "Where can I find love?" or something. If some one knows this please do leave a comment

Nice bridge in Zhuhai China

Old lady in Macau Just finished shopping

A dad accompanies her daughter while she throws a coin in the water
I hope to one day go back in Macau. :)



  1. Hi. I read your blog and i am interested also visiting ZHUHAI, is Philippine passport holder eligible for VISA on ARRIVAL for ZHUHAI?

  2. yes very much eligible. what we did though is we went in through macau. I think you'll be issues a visa at the border if you will go in thtough macau.