Monday, February 6, 2012

Animal Photography

I love animals! Ever since I was a kid I love taking care of animals. I used to have rabbits, birds, hamster, lobster and fresh water fishes but now I only my 21 year old red eared Turtle with me. But above all the animals nothings compares my love for dogs. Yup I am in deed a dog person. I love it when they wag their tails when they saw you. I love it when they run towards you wanting for you to play with them. At one point I even want to have a big St. Bernard dog because of that movie "Beethoven". If I love dogs I hate cats. I don't know why I do but that changed ever since I've been with Yani. She loves cats so much and her cat "wish" is so darn cute! Anyway, here are some of my animal shots.

Kitty looking up @ Camp

Orangie - My sister's pet chick

Duck on a pond taken @ Canada

Color exclusion of Two lovebirds in a Cage

Kitty looking back at me :)

Another shot of Orangie

Koi Fishes in Nuvo valley

More to come in the next days :)


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