Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Night Rooftop shoot

Yani and I were playing with her camera. We were at the roof top of our house and shot a few frames. She has a lot of Good shots of the stars and since I don't have my trusty Canon 550D (because its broken) we took turns using hers. So when Its my turn to shoot the sky suddenly was filled with clouds and it covers pretty much a large area of the sky and with that I cannot see the stars anymore.

(Visit Yani's photoBlog by clicking here)

Since that It was my turn to shoot already i didn't let the opportunity pass by me. I shoot couple of things from the roof top likeour water tank etc..

Pardon me some of the pictures doesnt have a good focus since that there is no visible light from our roof top, its hard to identify if my subject is focused or not.

Oh.. Just found out that I had ONE picture that I was able to capture the stars in the skies :)


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