Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mrs Q Cakes and Pastries (with BTS)

Yani wanted to try food photography for quite sometime now. She wanted to have this experience capturing the luscious pictures of this mouthwatering food. One day I message my friend Joboy Victor, A wedding and Food photographer, and asked him if we can come with him in one of his food shoot.

One Wednesday, He told me that he will be having a food shoot. Its for a Cake and Pastry shop. Yani and I went to his house to meet him then went to Beverly Hills Antipolo where the store was located.Yani as her secondary shooter and me as a BTS shooter (yeah I am the BTS master that day. LOL)

When I arrived at the place, I notice there was a lot of trees in the parking lot that makes the place light on the eyes, almost having that "environment friendly" feeling. The store itself was cozy, almost wanting to just sit and take out a book and read. The owner was not there yet and the person who entertained us was the clerk that was taking care of the store. While we were waiting for the owner to come, The clerk gave us coffee. Being the caffeine addict that I am, the scent of freshly brewed coffee was just great for me. 

Yani having her coffee

While we were enjoying our coffee we were
trying to get ready for our shoot. Took out our cameras, flash triggers, Umbrella for strobe, couple of flash guns and couple of stands.

Joboy and Yani's Gear

While we were preparing the equipments, The owner came with the store manager. Owner of the store and the one who personally create this delicious delicacies is Mrs. Amor Quiniones. She was such a nice and warm person. in the later part we discovered that she is also a Christian attending Union Church in Makati.

Joboy Preparing his Camera

Joboy Preparing the flash and camera settings

And while the main shooter was doing a test shot, the second shooter is still drinking her coffee. LOL

finally, the second shooter finished her coffee and decided to join Joboy. LOL

We didn't waste anymore time. Tita Amor went inside as she picks what cake to shoot first. Joboy and Yani did their test shots on the table and the props that they will be using together with the cakes and pastries that they will be using.

Joboy talking to Yani and Victor, the son to the owner Tita Amor who is also a photographer hobbyist

After a while, Tita Amor went outside with the first cake. Joboy went ahead and took couple of shots and reviewed it. Yani also took couple of shots.

Joboy Capturing the delicious cake!

Yani taking her own shots of the cake

in total I think they shot 5 different cakes and 3 pasta dishes. Tita Amor also helped in designing the table. Lunch time we tasted the pasta dishes that they served in the store.

Tita Amor helping in designing the Pecans

Joboy goofing around with Tita Amor

It took us the whole day just to finish taking photos of the cakes that will be used for the stores menu. I didn't  expect a food photo shoot would take the whole day to do and I realize that food photography is also tiring just like other photo shoot. Now I have great respect for food photographers.

Here are couple of my Stolen shots since that I am not really there to shoot the cakes. I am there to document the said shoot. :)

Pistacio cake

Pistacio Cake again

Chocolate cake

After along day, we were all tired but it was a fun. Hopefully one day I can shoot food again but not as a BTS shooter but as a legit food photographer.

More of the Cakes that we photographed at  Yani's Photo Blog site.

Visit Tita Amor's site at

Joboy's food Blog at



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