Monday, March 5, 2012

By the bay of MOA and MOA eye

One Wednesday, Yani and I decided to go to MOA or Mall of Asia. She wanted to check the "MOA EYE" the Philippine version of the "London Eye". I think it was constructed last year before Christmas.


This shot was taken from the over pass from the mall going to the Bay side. I think its one of the best
view to take a picture of the MOA eye. We stayed at the Bay side while Yani and I waited for the sun to set. Unfortunately the sun was shy that afternoon and was hiding behind the clouds so we just took shots of the bay. And yeah the Birds too.

By the bay

Yani by the Bay

I Challenged Yani to take a photograph of the birds by the bay and I must say, her shots was way better than mine because the birds are kind off "Flirting" with her kinda like saying "C'mon! take my picuture!". Well, What can i do she's a charmer.

And when its my time to take  photo's of the birds, all of them flew away from me (Haha I guess all these birds are males). I was just lucky that i could capture a few.

The bird

Diving Bird

(See her shot of the bird @ Through Angel Eyes )

After a while Yani and I tried the MOA Eye. We were both excited because we thought that we would be able to get a nice shot of the whole place from above.

inside the MOA Eye with Yani

Unfortunately not. The glass was made some sort of plastic material that you cant clearly see things outside.

Disappointed after the ride, we went around the place and just took couple of photo's along the way. Took couple of shots of yani near the fountain area.


And then we saw the Carrousel. Yani wanted to ride the carrousel with someone ever since she was young. When I was still courting her, I brought her at the same place but we backed out last minute because we thought that they wont allow adults to ride it. We went where the ticket was sold and we found out that even adults can ride it. So bought tickets for 50Pesos each and rode it.

Yani's Carrousel ride at Moa

Yani enjoyed riding the Carrousel and of course I wont let it pass by with out a photo of her acting like a kid enjoying this ride.

with the MOA eye

Before Going home, I took one more picture of her with the MOA eye. Its a nice experience to ride it but its a disappointment for those who plans to ride it just to get a nice photo of the place from above

The MOA Eye


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