Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Magician

One of my Old Stock Photos from Last year 2011. Was fooling around with my friend's camera at the office when Leorville Carolino, my friend told me that he is interested in photography. I remember explaining to him a lot of stuff about the craft that I know ( I am no expert but I try my best to explain what I surely know and share my passion for this hobby to others) and one of the basic things I explained was the foreground, background and "Bokeh" of a picture.

Leo is also a magician and on that day He brought with him an amazing set of black cards. I asked him to hold his cards up, spreading it in his hand just how magicians did, and took the shot.

"The Magician"

Taken with a Canon DSLR using 18-55 Kit lens 3.5 aperture


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